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Dumpsters Dates TBD

The next weekend that dumpsters will be delivered to the neighborhood is still To Be Determined. The dumpsters will be located at:
Dumpsters must not be overfilled!

Please fill a container only to 6" from the top.

Overfilling the containers causes items to fall out and they will be left behind for our disposal. There will be TWO containers. If one is already full, please use another one.

The Homeowners Association will be legally and financially responsible for discarding any unacceptable items in the containers as well as removal of material left behind as a result of overfilling! Please adhere to the stated guidelines.

Please e-mail the Homeowners Association Secretary or Vice President for more information.

Items that are NOT allowed:
If you have items you cannot lift into the dumpster please ask for help. Items left outside the dumpster will be left behind.

Comments? Suggestions?